Climbing Coetzenburg after the mountain fires

So it was an average lazy Sunday afternoon lying in my room in Dagbreek when I decided to go bother these wonderful people into climbing Coetzenburg mountain with me and what an amazing afternoon it was. Got a tad bit burnt but was definitely worth it :p I decided to take my camera as well and capture the beauty around me little did I know that one of the members of our mountaineering group was a photographer herself so all the photos with me in it and and a couple of others I give full photo credit to Michaela Schmidt. Thanks for the awesome afternoon guys 🙂


Coetzenburg-1 Coetzenburg-2 Coetzenburg-3 Coetzenburg-4 Coetzenburg-5 Coetzenburg-6 Coetzenburg-7 Coetzenburg-8 Coetzenburg-9 Coetzenburg-10 Coetzenburg-11 Coetzenburg-12 Coetzenburg-13 Coetzenburg-14 Coetzenburg-15 Coetzenburg-16 Coetzenburg-17 Coetzenburg-18 Coetzenburg-19 Coetzenburg-20 Coetzenburg-21 Coetzenburg-22 Coetzenburg-23 Coetzenburg-24 Coetzenburg-25 Coetzenburg-26 Coetzenburg-27 Coetzenburg-28 Coetzenburg-29 Coetzenburg-30 Coetzenburg-31 Coetzenburg-32 Coetzenburg-33 Coetzenburg-34 Coetzenburg-35 Coetzenburg-36 Coetzenburg-37 Coetzenburg-38 Coetzenburg-39 Coetzenburg-40 Coetzenburg-41 Coetzenburg-42 Coetzenburg-43 Coetzenburg-44 Coetzenburg-45 Coetzenburg-46 Coetzenburg-47 Coetzenburg-48

Van Der Sterr Fire – Stellenbosch University

So my first term at Varsity has been quite the adventure, not the least being that one of my faculty buildings almost burnt down. As I walked outside my dorm on this fateful Sunday morning, I saw the smoke rising from behind Dagbreek. On arrival at the scene I was met with this unfolding disaster. Needless to say massive damage was caused but it seems that the varsity has really dealt with the accident well since I am already starting to have some of my classes in Van Der Sterr again. Here is a collection of some of my photos of the day.

VanDerSterrFire-1 VanDerSterrFire-2 VanDerSterrFire-3 VanDerSterrFire-4 VanDerSterrFire-5 VanDerSterrFire-6 VanDerSterrFire-7 VanDerSterrFire-8 VanDerSterrFire-9 VanDerSterrFire-10 VanDerSterrFire-11 VanDerSterrFire-12 VanDerSterrFire-13 VanDerSterrFire-14 VanDerSterrFire-15 VanDerSterrFire-16 VanDerSterrFire-17 VanDerSterrFire-18 VanDerSterrFire-19 VanDerSterrFire-20 VanDerSterrFire-21 VanDerSterrFire-22 VanDerSterrFire-23 VanDerSterrFire-24 VanDerSterrFire-25 VanDerSterrFire-26 VanDerSterrFire-27 VanDerSterrFire-28 VanDerSterrFire-29 VanDerSterrFire-30 VanDerSterrFire-31 VanDerSterrFire-32 VanDerSterrFire-33 VanDerSterrFire-34 VanDerSterrFire-35 VanDerSterrFire-36 VanDerSterrFire-37 VanDerSterrFire-38 VanDerSterrFire-39 VanDerSterrFire-40

Anneline’s Photo Shoot

I had such an awesome time with this shoot. There was probably more laughing than there was snapping of the camera but isn’t that what makes the job of a photographer so special? Not only are we capturing memories but we are creating memories of our own and as one of my first studio shoots, this one is definitely one to remember. Anyway, I am really happy with how the photos came out and am always excited to hear both positive and negative critique so let me know what you think 🙂